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About us



Private Limited Liability Company PROJEKTANA started its operations in 2001. The main company operation areas are designing and mounting of all types of foundations. With a a team of competent experts and long-term experience, we can offer all solutions from single source:

  • Carry out ground engineering geological surveys;
  • Offer the most suitable technical solutions for a specific case and draw up a technical or work design of foundations;
  • Mount all types of foundations for buildings, supportive walls, underground storages, underground parkings in a closed way, carry out reinforcement and reconstruction works of foundations;
  • Carry out static test of mounted piles as well as integrity tests of piles.

We continuously improve management and production processes to increase labour efficiency and reduce costs. We offer the best prices of services for projects of various scope and use.


Why to select use

because we:

  • are real experts in this area!
  • can offer a solution for the mounting of foundations and mount for all types of buildings!
  • will offer the best price and quality combination!
  • Choose us and you will get the following from long-term experienced experts of this area:

the most efficient solution for the mounting of foundations selected specially for your building and referring to the ground conditions,
high qualification employees, who use advanced technological equipment, this solution will be implemented at a competive price.