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The Private Limited Liability Company Projektana carries out its operations not only in the domestic, but foreign markets. The company has been operating successfully in neighbouring Belarus, Latvia, the Kaliningrad region.




Having started our operations in 2001, we are doing our best to become the most competent geo-technical specialists’ company. We contribute to the implementation of large road, railway, bridge, wind mill projects, we are becoming a reliable partner for customers, general contractors, project management companies. Tracking the reviving construction market of Lithuania continuously, we aim at implementing the developed projects quickly and qualitatively. Offering innovative solutions for the implementation of projects, we increase our technological and production capacities, improve project management processes.






The Republic of Latvia – a European state in North East, on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Latvia is one of the Baltic states together with Estonia (total border length is 343 km) and Lithuania (588 km), which are the neighboring countries in the North and in the South. Latvia borders with Russia eastwards (276 km), Belarus south-eastwards (141 km). Latvia has marine borders with Sweden. Latvia belongs to the medium latitude climate zone.

The first residents came to the territory of Latvia 9000 BC. The Indo-Europeans appeared in Eastern Baltic area around 3000 BC, i. e. the ancestors of the Aistian tribes, who created the variety of the Seacoast culture at the very Sea and later on they developed into the Curonian, Semigallians and Selonians tribes in the XII c. The Fino-Ugric Livonians, Vendians of unknown origin and Slavs-Krivichs lived together with the Aistian tribes in Latvia.






Karaliaucius or Kaliningrad – a port of the Baltic Sea, the main Russian center. The town dates back since 1255, when the King Ottokar II of Bohemia participated in the march of the German Order to Semba, when the Karaliaucius castle was set up. Since that time to 1946., a castle and later on the town was officially called Königsberg (Königsberg in Preußen). The present official Russian name was awarded to the town, when the USSR annexed the northern part of Eastern Prussia, to immortalize the USSR party figure, Michail Kalinin, who died in 1946.

Before the World War II, it was one of the largest towns of the region with an area of 192.76 km², where there were 372,164 people in 1939. The town was famous for its multi-cultural life, the French, Scottish, Dutch, Polish people, some Prussian Lithuanians lived there next to the Germans.






The company started its operations in 2001. During the last period the partnership relations were established with the major general contractors and customers in the Republic of Lithuania and Belarus. There are 260 employees at the company now. The company owns 19 German devices (ABI BAUER), providing opportunities for different technologies to carry out mounting works of piles. Carrying out piling works the following technologies are used: closed in-vibration of a special pipe with a non-fixed end using special devices; drilling with hollow flight auger (CFA), special pipe double drilling using Kelly bars.

In 2008 a representative office was set up in the Republic of Belarus. At the start of 2009, the Private Limited Liability Projektana was awarded the designing and work performance license to carry out works in the Republic of Lithuania and carried out piling works in these BR projects: