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Mounting of foundations

We carry out designing works of foundations
Private Limited Liability Company Projektana may draw up qualitative technical and work designs of structural parts of foundations for the buildings. The work designs are drawn up for the mounting works of foundations in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. The designs are drawn up conforming to the legal regulations application in the countries, where the buildings will be built. Long-term experience having specialists in go-technical and building areas work at the company’s designing division. Specialized modern software are used for the calculation of foundations. The experienced specialists’ team may provide the rational solution for mounting of foundations.

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Mounting of piles

Thrusting piles: Applying this method, a pipe with a closed, non-fixed end is vibrate into the ground. A spatial fitting framework is mounted into the pipe, concrete is laid and the pipe is extracted while vibrating it. This mounting method of piling foundations is quite quick and economic. The thrusting piles are mounted without removing ground, which gives quite a large holding power for the mounted piles. This method is used for mounting of foundations of multi-storey buildings and production workshops. But the foundations of thrusting piles fit for the construction of private houses, especially under the unfavourable geological conditions: there is an artificially piled layer of ground or peat, high ground water level or other factors restricting the use of other technologies on site.

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Concreting pouring

The Private Limited Liability Company Projektana carries out all types of concrete pouring: foundation structures, supportive walls, underground motor vehciles parking lots, tunnels and monolithic structures. The works are carried out by long-term experienced employees led by the certified clerks of the works. Only certified, legal regulations conforming fitting products and concrete mixtures, modern tolls and machines are used for cioncrete pouring works."

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Engineering geological surveys

"Engineering geological surveys are carried out for new construction of different buildings and reconstruction of such buildings.
The surveys are carried out by the Customer supplied and contractor’s drawn-up technical task as per the requirements of the STR 1.04.02:2011 (Engineering geological and geo-technical surveys) or as per R 33 – 02 (Engineering geological surveys for motor vehicle roads).
Depending upon the engineering geological survey task, we may carry out these works:
• Ground static probing test (CPT);
• Ground drilling works;
• Sampling of destructed and non-destructed ground structures;

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Piling tests

Piling tests by static load are carried out in conformity of all the requirements set out in legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania. Before a piling test, a test program is drawn up and approved, which should be followed during the test. The piling test by static load is regarded the most precise from a group of all the direct testing methods. A pile is directly affected by compression or stretching load though a test system (structure() on the building site. During the testing, shifts of the piling head are measured, based on which the testing results are assessed.

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