Projektana | Engineering geological surveys

Engineering geological surveys

Engineering geological surveys are carried out for new construction of different buildings and reconstruction of such buildings.
The surveys are carried out by the Customer supplied and contractor’s drawn-up technical task as per the requirements of the STR 1.04.02:2011 (Engineering geological and geo-technical surveys) or as per R 33 – 02 (Engineering geological surveys for motor vehicle roads).
Depending upon the engineering geological survey task, we may carry out these works:

  • Ground static probing test (CPT);
  • Ground drilling works;
  • Ground dynamic probing test with super-heavy dynamic probing device;
  • We may research the ground by manual vibrohammering manner, as well as determine the ground strength carrying out dynamic probing test in hard-accessible places (inside of the buildings, cellars, steep slopes, hard-accessible places);
  • Dig up and described diggings while carrying survey near the buildings;
  • Explore physical ground features in a geo-technical laboratory, based on standardized documentation

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Geo-technical laboratory

The following works are carried out:

  1. Determination of granulometric qualities of grounds in accordance with LST CEN ISO/TS 17892-4:2004 and in accordance with LST 1331 (Engineering geological surveys of motro roads);
  2. Determination of natural humidity of grounds – W (LST CEN ISO/TS 17892-1:2005);
  3. Determination of plastic state (Atterberg) limits in clayey grounds (LST CEN ISO/TS 17892-12:2005);
  4. Determination of the density of ground particles with pycnometer (LST CEN ISO/TS 17892-3:2004);
  5. Proctor testing;
  6. Ground compression test with a compressing device (LST CEN ISO/TS 17892-5:2005);
  7. Single-axial compression test (LST EN 1997-2:2007);
  8. Tri-axial compression test;
  9. Test of ground cutting strength with a direct cutting device (LST CEN ISO/TS 17892 – 10:2005);
  10. Determination of the density of natural ground (ISO/TS 17892-2:2004);
  11. Determination of the content of ground organic material.