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Piling tests


Tests by static load

Piling tests by static load are carried out in conformity of all the requirements set out in legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania. Before a piling test, a test program is drawn up and approved, which should be followed during the test. The piling test by static load is regarded the most precise from a group of all the direct testing methods. A pile is directly affected by compression or stretching load though a test system (structure() on the building site. During the testing, shifts of the piling head are measured, based on which the testing results are assessed.





Pile integrity testing

The pie integrity testing is carried out by a special manual hammer, hitting the pile head and measuring the sound wave spread acceleration by an accelerometer. The data from the measuring device is transferred to the PC and registered. The integrity testing show defects of the pile stem or deviations from the design requirements (diameter increase or decrease, cavities, breaks etc.)